Apply for your Inspired to Play Grant now

Due to the outstanding efforts of the whole of the cricket network, there is a high level of confidence that we will have a full and safe summer of cricket.

The ECB are keen to work with the network to make the most of the growth opportunities that will be available in a packed summer of cricket on TV, especially around The Hundred and the free to air television that will reach large numbers of people that don’t currently participate in our game.

To support the ambition, we are thrilled to launch the “Inspired to Play” Grant. The scheme aims to increase the number of children (boys and girls) and/or women participating in the game by supporting the delivery of new/enhanced recreational cricket activity in England and Wales during the months of June – September 2021.

What better way to enhance your existing offer, or to kick start new activity than with financial support that will allow you to cover the cost and potentially deliver cricket which is free for participants.

What must the grant be used for

Very simply, your club must use the grant to deliver cricket activity to one or more of the following groups:

  • Children (boys and girls)
  • Women

It can be used to enhanced existing activity your club delivers to these groups, or to kick start new activity. The types of recreational cricket activity that will be considered under the scheme are as follows:

  • All Stars Cricket or Dynamos Cricket – including Girls Only Dynamos Cricket
  • Summer School Programmes, such as camps for children
  • Women’s Soft Ball Activity
  • Other recreational cricket activity delivered to one or more of the user groups (children – boys and girls and women)

Eligible Costs

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, applications for the grant funding to be used towards costs that directly relate to the delivery of recreational cricket activity:

  • Facility or venue hire
  • Staff Costs (qualified coaches)
  • Staff Costs (volunteer expenses)
  • Admin and Project Marketing Costs
  • Playing Equipment – Kwik Cricket, Softball, Hard Ball
  • Coaching Equipment – Cones, Bibs, Bean Bags, Windballs
  • T-shirts
  • Trophies, Medals
  • Catering – e.g. snacks, soft drinks, food for end of event BBQ
  • Any other related expenditure

Amount of Grant

Clubs can apply for one or both elements of the grant under the Scheme, up to a maximum of £1,250, subject to eligibility, as detailed below:

  • Children – £1,000
  • Women – £250

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