Chance to Shine

Giving all children the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket
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Chance to Shine is a national charity on a mission to spread the power of cricket throughout schools and communities

The charity takes cricket to new places and uses it to ignite new passions, teach vital skills, unite diverse groups, and educate young people from Cornwall to County Durham.

Since 2005, Chance to Shine has given over 5 million boys and girls in more than 16,000 state schools and community projects, the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket. The Chance to Shine Street programme is engaging thousands of young people in inner city areas affected by youth crime with a lack of access to traditional cricket clubs.


Chance to Shine in Gloucestershire

We have received support from Chance to Shine for 19 years and the impact we have been able to have across the county has been huge. The project as a whole has so many positive elements that it is hard to quantify the impact in totality. 

The main stand out points from the last academic year would be:

  • 184 of the 402 Primary Schools in Gloucestershire received coaching
  • This consisted of 117 receiving a Schools Programme and 67 receiving a Roadshow
  • This reached 21,298 unique children across the whole county
  • This was delivered by 15 different unique Level 2 & 3 Coaches
  • We delivered 292 hours of competitions which were both indoor and outdoor
  • 5,000 children were involved across 42 unique events. The competitions were split across 4 different formats which were
  • Key Stage 1 Multi Skills Festivals (Indoor)
  • Kwik Cricket Open Year 3 & 4 (Outdoor)
  • Kwik Cricket Girls Year 5 & 6 (Outdoor)
  • Kwik Cricket Open Year 5 & 6 (Outdoor)

We have always put clubs at the heart of Chance to Shine as we believe if children are inspired in schools and can access a local cricket club there is a good chance they will be hooked for life. We align schools delivery in a way that enables local promotion and introduction. This strategy has been hugely successful in getting more school children to join their local cricket club. Two accolades that we in Gloucestershire have received in previous years:

  • 2017 – Gloucestershire were awarded ‘Chance to Shine National Board of the Year’
  • 2018 – Gloucestershire were the only county in England and Wales to reach its stretched national target for All Stars Cricket signups
  • 2021- Included as pilot county to deliver the ‘Wider Engagement’ programme that aims to engage young people from Afro-Caribbean community
  • 2023- Continue to align Chance to Shine to club All Stars & Dynamos programmes which resulted in 4,201 children signing up across Gloucestershire. Only Yorkshire, Wales & Lancashire have higher numbers. 

What does the programme offer schools?

The Programme inspires children to be excited about the sport, teaches pupils how to play cricket and ensures that they learn academic and life skills whilst they take part. It supports staff to teach the sport, so that they develop a culture of cricket within their school. It encourages schools to compete, internally or taking part in a local tournament, and help children to take the next steps to progress on their cricketing journey.

The Chance to Shine Schools’ Teachers Portal is a free platform which provides teachers with all the resources you need to teach cricket in your school. This includes, session plans and videos to support teachers to deliver cricket activities in the playground and lesson plans, which fall in line with the National Curriculum to bring a cricket theme into the classroom.

For more information or to get your school involved in the programme, please contact Chris Munden Cricket Operations Manager.

Cricket Players (SVG)
Chris Munden / Cricket Operations Manager

Chris Munden / Cricket Operations Manager

Chris is the longest standing member of the team, having joined the GCB in 2008 as a Community Coach. Since then, Chris has developed greatly moving on to become a Development Officer, a National Programmes and Project lead and now the manager of the entire delivery team across educational and national programmes.

His role covers a wide range of areas including overseeing all schools cricket, the incredible National Programmes of All Stars and Dynamos, Chance To Shine Schools and Street programmes along with being the key lead for Adult league Cricket. Chris also manages the Workforce Development Officer, as a highly competent coaching workforce is so integral to the work areas that he leads on. In his time the GCB have won awards that he had led on, including Chance to Shine County of the Year and Street Chance Project of the Year.

As a local Bristolian, Chris is a Bristol City fan, who enjoys all sports. Chris is married, has two beautiful daughters, plays local cricket and enjoys a good hack at golf.