Zonal Cricket

The performance programme will support 144 young players aged from Under 10 to Under 13.

Over the last 10 years we have been hugely proud of the ‘District’ programme for junior cricketers. This has provided opportunities for hundreds of young cricketers to receive an annual programme of coaching and match play. It has also created a large pool of players that compete for County places for age groups from under 10s to 15s.

Our main purpose of running District cricket has been to improve young cricketers so they:

  • Are more likely to stay in the game once they reach the common drop off age of 15 and
  • Improve as players so themselves and local cricket clubs see the long term benefit in years to come

District Cricket has always been delivered side by side with the County programme and been administered and managed by us the Gloucestershire Cricket Board (GCB). As part of the new County Partnership Agreement with the ECB, first class counties now have to deliver their own junior county programme. In real terms this means the Gloucestershire County Cricket Club (GCCC) have taken over the management of the junior county programme led by Tim Hancock (Head of Performance).

There are no expectations from the ECB for us to deliver any junior programmes under County level, however, we feel that there has to be opportunities for young cricketers that fall under County level. This is where the new Zonal programme sits. The Zonal programme will consist of two squads per age group from Under 10s to 13s. Each squad will consist of 18 players meaning 144 young cricketers will receive a full performance programme. This involves a 12 week winter coaching programme where each squad receives 2 hours coaching per week.

Once players have completed the winter programme, squads will be created to play in the Gloucestershire Youth Cricket League (GYCL). This league provides opportunities for young cricketers to play longer innings matches on Sunday’s during the summer months. The GYCL is a club based competition so the squads created will play against club teams. Zonal players that play at clubs already in the GYCL will continue to play for their club. Players that play at clubs that don’t enter the GYCL will play in the squads made up by us at the GCB. The GYCL competitions are Under 11s, 13s and 15s. This means the Under 11s and 13s competitions will see an increase in the number of teams and the quality of players competing.

Having launched in 2021, the winter programme was unable to take place, and so the programme is still in its infancy and we envisage changes and improvements as it evolves. We are hugely excited and feel that players and clubs will see the long term benefit.

SquadDatesVenue / Time
Under 10s North9th Jan to 27th MarchUniversity of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus - 10am to 12pm
Under 10s South9th Jan to 27th MarchBristol Grammar School - 12pm to 2pm
Zonal Under 10s Squad (Winter North)Club
Aditya AcharyaCheltenham Cricket Club
Alistair SpurrFrampton On Severn Cricket Club
Arthur StevensCirencester Cricket Club
Charlie NorrieCirencester Cricket Club
George GreenRedmarley Cricket Club
Harry JohnsonPoulton Cricket Club
Henry HoughtonHatherley & Reddings Cricket Club
Jack ThreadinghamCharlton Kings Cricket Club
Jeremy BellUley Cricket Club
Jesse HallDumbleton Cricket Club
Oliver HunterHawkesbury Upton Cricket Club
Rhys KnightDown Hatherley Cricket Club
Sam SteerCharlton Kings Cricket Club
Sean BreenCirencester Cricket Club
Toby ClennellCheltenham Cricket Club
Tom BaileyCharlton Kings Cricket Club
Vir Narayan SrivastavaTewkesbury Cricket Club
William HawleyCharlton Kings Cricket Club
Zonal Under 10s Squad (Winter South)Club
Aekam SinghBradley Stoke Cricket Club
SquadDatesVenue / Time
Under 11s North9th Jan to 27th MarchUniversity of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus - 12pm to 2pm
Under 11s South9th Jan to 27th MarchBristol Grammar School - 2pm to 4pm
St Bede's School - Jan 30th. Feb 13th, 27th, March 27th - 9.30am to 11.30am
Zonal Under 11s Squad (Winter North)Club
Ben AhearneApperley Cricket Club
Benjamin La Valette-CooperCheltenham Cricket Club
Zonal Under 11s Squad (Winter South)Club
Arthur DinhamStapleton Cricket Club
SquadDatesVenue / Time
Under 12s North9th Jan to 27th MarchUniversity of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus - 2pm to 4pm
Under 12s South9th Jan to 27th MarchSir Bernard Lovell School - 4pm to 6pm
Zonal Under 12s Squad (Winter North)Club
Zonal Under 12s Squad (Winter South)Club
SquadDatesVenue / Time
Under 13s North9th Jan to 27th MarchUniversity of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Campus - 4pm to 6pm
Under 13s South9th Jan to 27th MarchSir Bernard Lovell School - 6pm to 8pm
Zonal Under 13s Squad (Winter North)Club
Alexander DoughtyCheltenham Cricket Club
Zonal Under 13s Squad (Winter South)Club
Arthur KingWinterbourne Cricket Club
Ralph Hardwick / Community Coach

Ralph Hardwick / Community Coach

Ralph is responsible for delivering coaching sessions in schools from reception through to secondary education. The aim of this is to develop the pathway to local clubs and other outlets to help build a sustainable cricket landscape. Ralph also helps in the running of school’s competitions around the county. This includes the Primary summer outdoor festivals and the secondary indoor and outdoor competitions

Ralph coaches on the Women and Girls Pathway as the Head Coach of the Gloucestershire Women and part of the coaching team for the U18 Girls and on the Girls Emerging Players Programme. He is the lead for the GCF Zonal Programme and the manager for the Bristol MCC Hub. Ralph helps the running of the Gloucestershire Youth Cricket League and the new U15 Summer GYCL Festival.

Having completed a Master’s Degree in Performance Analysis at Cardiff Met University in 2020, Ralph is now starting his journey to become a Level 4 Specialist Coach.

Ralph is the current 1st XI Captain at Chippenham Cricket Club.