Driving and improving cricket for young people in Gloucestershire is central to the aims of the Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation.

Through a combination of National Youth Cricket Initiatives such as All Stars and Dynamos Cricket and a comprehensive playing offer, we can enthuse youngsters by giving them the best cricketing opportunities available. This is central to creating future players at all levels of the game.

The Foundation offers a wide range of competitive playing opportunities for young players to play against clubs from across Gloucestershire in the Gloucestershire Youth Cricket League (U11, U13, U15 and U17) and the U16 and U19 T20 Competitions.  I addition, District Cricket Associations offer young players and cricket clubs a comprehensive local playing offer at each age group. Furthermore, we also have a growing number of playing opportunities for girls.

Play-Cricket is a free ECB platform that most cricket clubs across the Country use as their primary website.  On Play-Cricket you will find a cricket club’s fixtures, results and player statistics amongst other things.  We know that young players love to keep a track of their stats, how many runs they scores, wickets taken, boundaries hit etc.  To ensure a player can maintain their careers stats, we recommend that all young players are registered to the Play-Cricket site of the cricket club that they play for.  Parents can find more about how to do this below.