County Cup & Trophy

The Stuart Canvas County Cup and Trophy are a huge hit across the County with games played on a Sunday and often, the cup final is held at Seat Unique Stadium.
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The Gloucestershire County Cup and Trophy are proudly sponsored by Stuart Canvas, leading suppliers of cricket equipment, covers & accessories.

Bristol Pakistanis County Trophy Winning Team Photo

About the County Cup & Trophy

The competitions were re-launched in 2012 and 2013 to bring 40 over cricket back Sunday afternoons.

30+ teams enter on annually into competitions designed to allow all cricket clubs can participate:

  • County Cup – open to all WEPL clubs and any club who wishes to play in this competition
  • County Trophy – open to all teams in BDCA, GCCL and feeder league playing clubs

Ordinarility, the Cup Final is played at the Seat Unique Stadium, which provides a wonderful setting for such a prestigious game and is a fitting reward for clubs who reach the finale.  Frocester CC have hosted the Trophy Final providing an outstanding surface and one of the finest pavilions in the Country.

County Cup

Rules 2024

County Trophy

Rules 2024

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Here you will find upcoming fixtures, be able to view the latest results and view scorecards.

If your club uses live streaming you may also find match highlights alongside in depth stats and analysis.

Frenchay County Trophy Winning Team Photo

County Cup Honours Board

2023 - Bristol West Indian Phoenix CC

2022 - Bedminster CC

2021 - Golden Hill CC

2020 - Not held - COVID-19

2019 - Bishopston CC

2018 - Bishopston CC

2016 - Downend CC

2015 - Frocester CC

2014 - Frocester CC

2013 - Lechlade CC

2012 - Gloucester CC

County Trophy Honours Board

2023 - Bristol Pakistanis CC

2022 - Frenchay CC

2021 - Langford CC

2020 - Not held - COVID-19

2019 - Charlton Kings CC

2018 - Gloucester A.I.W. Sports CC

2016 - Langford CC

2015 - Charlton Kings CC

2014 - Cheltenham Civil Service CC

2013 - Old Down CC

Theo Gordon / ACE Development Officer

Theo Gordon / ACE Development Officer

Theo is our first ACE Development Officer. ‘ACE’ stands for African Caribbean Engagement; Bristol have been fortunate to be only the third city in the country after London and Birmingham to have the ACE project in its city.

Theo’s role is to set up a school delivery programmes, creating local cricket development hubs and heading up or ACE academy scholarship programme. We will achieve all of this by working within the local community and engaging with children from all backgrounds and ethnicity. ACE will provide children access to free cricket sessions as well as provide educational workshops, training, and job opportunities to the African Caribbean community.

Alongside his community work, Theo is a club development officer, a youth coach, and a player at his local cricket club Golden Hill. He is also a member of the Bristol West Indies Cricket Club management committee, the only black African cricket club in the South West of England. 

In Theo’s words “Fortunately and unfortunately, I support Arsenal”.