Cricket #CricketforAll

Never has there been a better time to get involved in cricket. For people of all ages and abilities there are opportunities across the whole year.

Driving and improving youth and adult cricket is central to the aims of the Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation. Enthusing people of all ages by giving them the best cricketing opportunities available is central to creating future players at all levels of the game from club cricket to the England team.

The county currently boasts over 90 clubs with junior sections, all of which play in some form of competition from All Stars through to under nine festivals and up to U19 T20 cricket. Girls cricket in Gloucestershire has also grown rapidly in recent years to the point that there are now 57 women or girls sections and many more with girls playing informally. The growth in the number of clubs with girls sections has now enabled girls-specific leagues and competitions to be established across different age groups from under 11 Kwik Cricket to 20 over hard ball leagues for under 13 and under 15 groups.

As well as helping clubs develop junior sections the Foundation is equally committed to supporting the retention of players aged 16+.

With a drop in adult participation nationally, the Foundation has set up a dedicated Senior Club and Competitions Development Group which is tasked in developing initiatives, reducing barriers and coming up with solutions to enable as many players as possible stay involved in the game.

The county is able to offer a high standard of competitive Saturday cricket for its senior clubs within a pyramid system that covers regional leagues, county leagues and local district area leagues

The adult cricket that is on offer within Gloucestershire is fantastic for any newcomer who wants to play or for a young player who is starting their adult playing career. A large proportion of clubs run multiple teams, catering for all ability levels and standards. In addition to men’s leagues there are also a growing number of women’s competitions.

In the last few years there has been significant changes in the structure of our local leagues to try and cut down on travel times and ensure meaningful cricket is played at all levels of the pyramid. This work continues annually.

The county also organises and offers Sunday County Cup and Trophy Competitions, access to Sunday Leagues and also Gloucestershire 50+, 60+ and 70+.


The county has an appointed safeguarding officer – Ellen Mutch – whose job is to liaise with the GCF on all safeguarding issues and to offer advice to anyone within cricket who needs it.
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Senior Club & Competitions Development Groups working hard to improve the standard of adult cricket in three priority areas:


Player Retention Strategy


Umpire Development


Identification and support for clubs at risk