Foundation Structure

The Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation is a charity limited by guarantee with a board of nine trustees, supported by development groups and working committees

The Foundation’s Development Groups and working Committees are aligned to meeting the objectives of our Inspiring Gloucestershire Strategy 2020-24 and the requirements of the ECB Cricket Partnership Agreement (CPA).

Board of trustees

Our Trustees are tasked with the day-to-day running and key decision making of the board. For information on the Foundation’s trustees and their roles please see below.

Andy ShieldChair
Pete BoormanVice-Chair
Phil CarterFinance Director
Andy ParsonsNon-Executive Trustee
Claire LyesNon-Executive Trustee
Jane KhawajaNon-Executive Trustee
Justin HopwoodNon-Executive Trustee
Mark LambertNon-Executive Trustee
Nigel HillNon-Executive Trustee
Razi AhmedNon-Executive Trustee
Sybil RuscoeNon-Executive Trustee

Development Groups

These three groups are very much task driven and have been set up to drive priority areas. Each group has proactive members who ‘do’ and not just ‘say’. The development groups have been extremely successful and have a major impact on the work that is being done across the county.

If anyone has a specialism in any of the above three areas of the game, and would like to get involved in making a difference to cricket in Gloucestershire then please get in contact with Steve Silk.

Subsequent Development Group info to take a left right approach. Title of the Group on the left, overview on the right. Remove all tables of officers as they fall out of date.

Disability Development Group

Chaired by Jeanette Tate the development group has been established to drive forward Disability Cricket across the County.

The group comprises of GCF Disability Development Officer, Gloucestershire County Disability Team Representatives and Gloucestershire Growlers Visually Impaired Cricket Club.

Senior Club & Competitions Development Group

The group was established in mid-2009 to play a similar role to the previous Recreational Cricket Committee.

Chaired by Andy Shield, the Senior Clubs and Competitions has been established to drive forward some key areas of activity that are vital to all aspects of Gloucestershire Cricket. The needs of senior cricketers are often neglected, ignoring the fact that they provide the workforce that manages clubs and develops junior cricket.

The aim of this group is to improve the quality and quantity of senior cricket within the county as well as continually striving to upgrade all aspects of non first-class cricket in Gloucestershire.

The group agreed two key working principles:

  • Clear and defined priorities
  • Action and delivery focused

Women & Girls Development Group

The group was formed to continue the development of grassroots cricket for women’s and girls’ club sections across the county. The role of the group is to provide a vehicle through which clubs can discuss and feed ideas into the development of the women and girls’ game to effect positive change.

Running under the direction of the Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation and chaired by Laura Charles-Price, the group looks to support the Foundation’s strategic aims by:

  • Growing the number of people playing and being involved within cricket in Gloucestershire
  • Increasing the number and variety of opportunities to experience cricket in Gloucestershire
  • Improving the quality of cricketing experience
  • Improving opportunities for all involved to be the best they can be

Alongside those strategic aims, the group aims to be open, transparent and inclusive to gather feedback and opinion. The most formalised of those opportunities is the discussion forum which is normally held during the close-season. The group meets approximately four times at year at key times in the cricketing calendar – the minutes of which will be published on this page.

Youth League & Performance Development Group

Chaired by Jim Donaldson the development group is involved with all facets of youth cricket within the county, although with the welcome formation of the women and girls development group in 2012, it now focuses more on boys’ cricket.

The group comprises representatives of all youth leagues in the Gloucestershire (Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester, Cotswold, Leadon Vale and Stroud), together with the GCF’s Club Development Manager, Scott Tremain.

Play Cricket (SVG)

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Foundation created the committee to develop our EDI Action Plan in line with ECB’s standards, CPA requirements and Inspiring Gloucestershire strategy and to identify suitable initiatives and actions to achieve the plan and monitor progress to ensure timely delivery of key initiatives.

Report Discrimination

Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. If you are aware of or witness discrimination at any level of cricket in England and Wales, please submit submit a report.  Whatever discrimination you are aware of or have witnessed, your report will be reviewed and dealt with by the relevant cricket organisation.

Safeguarding Committee

The Gloucestershire Safeguarding Committee has been established to maximize the safety in our game. The focus of this group is to create a culture where all stakeholders feel safe and protected.

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The Committee has been established to consider matters relating to the Company’s statutory annual report and financial statements and the external auditors report.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee exists to help the Foundation to comply with its legal duties and reach its aim of attaining the gold requirements of the ECB County Governance Framework (CGF).