Coaches Association

The Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation run workshops and provides development opportunities for Gloucestershire’s coaches.

ECB Coaches Association

The purpose of ECBCA is to inspire participation and maximise performance of cricket coaches and players. Members come from all levels of the game, right from the England team downwards, and have somewhere to turn to get the ongoing support all coaches need in order to be the best they can be.

Nationally, the ECB Coaches Association offers a range of products and services that help you to support players. Your membership will provide access to the latest thinking and developments through our resources, invitations to workshops, networking with like-minded coaches as well as being able to wear the three lions on their clothing.

Coaches who sign up to become a member of the ECBCA will automatically become a member of the GCFCA. The GCFCA support local coaches by delivering workshops and development opportunities for Gloucestershire’s coaches.

Membership Benefits

As an ECB CA member (full or associate) you will have access to the latest thinking, insight and practical ideas from coaches and players at the top level of the game in a number of different forms.

Join today and access a range of benefits which you can access through your on iCoachCricket account.

Cricket Players (SVG)

Wings to Fly

Videos featuring the latest coaching methods, applicable to coaches at all levels of the game.

Coaches Matter

Regular bulletins containing technical information and practices for coaches to share with players.

CA inspire

A unique insight from leading coaches and players.

Hitting the Seam

A magazine including practical ideas and the latest news from the coaching community.

Coaching Insight

A publication offering technical bulletin round-ups and articles on coaching.


If you are a full member of the ECB CA you will receive specialist insurance, which includes:

  • Public Liability: The members’ legal liability for injury to third parties and/or damage to third party property, £5,000.000 limit of indemnity
  • Employer’s Liability: The members’ legal liability for injury to helpers in coaching sessions, £10,000,000 limit of indemnity
  • Personal Accident: A range of benefits from Accidental Death at £20,000 to cost of repair of spectacles or dentures, £300
  • Legal Expenses: Recently introduced to provide additional protection for the members in respect of various, potential, legal actions
  • Legal and Tax Helpline: Advice on any legal/tax matter 24 hours a day 365 days a year

For more GCFCA information, please contact Gareth Dawson Community Coach. If you need to update or amend your membership details, please contact the ECBCA.

Gareth Dawson / Workforce Development Officer

Gareth joined the GCB in 2016 and progressed into his current role as Workforce Development Officer in 2021. His main roles are being the main point of contact for the ECB on all Coach Development matters and grow the number of active coaches across the County of Gloucestershire.

Additionally, he will support the Gloucestershire Association of Cricket Officials (GACO) in developing an Officials Strategy that aims to grow the number of officials across the game. Increase the number of courses that are available to potential officials and work with GACO to transition volunteers from ‘course takers’ to ‘standing officials’.

Support the Gloucestershire Grounds Association in developing a programme of activity that supports ground staff across each year. Coordinate and manage both national and local Reward and Recognition events for all groups of volunteers. On top of practical delivery in schools, he will work with teachers to enhance their cricket delivery and work with universities/colleges to provide opportunities for students to gain qualifications and coaching experience.

Gareth is a Liverpool FC fan, a big follower of cricket around the world and plays his cricket at Hatherley & Reddings.

Gareth Dawson / Workforce Development Officer