Cheltenham Civil Service fall at the regional stage to Neyland CC

Cheltenham Civil Service’s journey in the ECB Indoor National Club Championship ended following their defeat by Neyland CC the Welsh Indoor League Champions. Despite their best efforts, Civil Service was unable to secure a victory, ultimately ending their campaign in the championship.

Their road to the regional rounds was marked by intense competition, particularly in the thrilling encounters at Cheltenham Leisure Centre. The county playoffs saw Civil Service, Bedminster, and Tewkesbury engage in a series of closely contested matches, each team showcasing their prowess on the indoor cricket stage.

Tewkesbury, champions of the Gloucester league, set the tone by clinching a victory over Cheltenham Civil Service in a nail-biting final over batting chase. Bedminster followed suit with a dramatic win over Tewkesbury, leaving the outcome hanging until the final ball. In a display of resilience, Cheltenham Civil Service rallied to secure a crucial win in their match, ultimately clinching the top spot in the playoffs based on Net Run Rate (NRR).

Growth of the men’s and women’s indoor league

The popularity of indoor cricket continues to soar across the county, evident in the thriving men’s leagues in Cheltenham, Gloucester, and Bristol. 14 teams have taken part in a 1 league competition at Kings School, whilst in the Cheltenham Indoor League, at the Cheltenham Leisure Centre they have teams taking part in 4 divisions. In the Bristol league at the Seat Unique Stadium 21 teams have taken part.

Additionally, there has been a significant uptick in the participation of women and girls in the sport, leading to the establishment of six women’s soft ball leagues. With 41 teams and over 350 players actively involved, these leagues serve as vibrant hubs for fostering talent and promoting inclusivity in cricket.

The venues for the women’s soft ball league include John Cabot, Hartpury University, Archway School, St Bedes, and Cotswold School, providing accessible platforms for players to engage and excel in the game.

Head of Women and Girls Cricket – Laura Charles-Price said:

Over the last three years we have seen the appetite for Women’s indoor league cricket grow, expanding to 6 leagues across the county with over 350 Women participating across the indoor season. It is a fun, fast and inclusive, it also offers a fantastic opportunity to develop players skills for the summer season.

I have no doubt we will see increased growth into 2025.

As indoor cricket continues to captivate enthusiasts across the county, the future looks bright for the sport, with opportunities for both men and women to showcase their skills and passion on the indoor stage.

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