Clubs to observe a minute’s silence in memory of Brian

BRISTOL & District League clubs have been asked to observe a minute’s silence ahead of Saturday’s matches in memory of Hallen’s Brian Pollard who died last weekend.

Brian, a stalwart of the South Gloucestershire club for more than 25 years, collapsed as he was leaving the pitch at the end of Hallen’s innings in a Division 12 match away to Frys at Saltford and, despite the prompt arrival of paramedics, could not be revived.

The 62-year-old began his club career at Bishopston before joining Henbury who soon after became Hallen.

Chairman Rich Shean, who had known Brian for 30 years, said: “We’re still in shock at what happened but Brian’s family and the club are very grateful to the medical services who did everything they possibly could, and also to everyone who has taken the time to pass on their condolences and messages of sympathy.

“It’s impossible to estimate the number of hours Brian spent working for the club, and without him I would have given up years ago because he was always there whenever something needed to be done.

“He served as captain of both the first and second teams and was my right-hand man for all kinds of stuff off the field as well countless hours down the ground, working on the wicket making sure that we were always able to get games on.

“For years we’ve been trying to secure our future by sorting out a lease at the Hallen Centre, and it would be a fitting tribute to Brian if we were finally able to do that.

“Brian was old school … he always made sure he had a drink with the opposition after and could never understand why some of our lads would want to dash straight off.

“And he was totally committed to playing. He batted, bowled and even kept wicket if it had to be done.”


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