Safeguarding and First Aid

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Training for Club Safeguarding Officers

Club Safeguarding Officers (CSOs) are vital members of the club and key to making an environment safe, welcoming and friendly for children to enjoy the game of cricket.

CSOs need to attend two sets of initial training:

  • Face to face Safe Hands Workshop which is run by the Foundation (valid for three years)
  • Online Safeguarding for Committee Members & Club Safeguarding Officers (valid for three years)*
  • ECB DBS Certificate

* CSOs will not be able to renew their certificate by attending an online course more than a month before their existing qualification expires.

Safeguarding for Specialist Roles (SSR)

SSR replaces Safeguarding Young Cricketers and is designed to support individuals in cricket who are working with children and young people.

The course is made up of one 60-minute module, suitable for everybody, whatever their role in cricket and four shorter bolt-on modules:

  • Safeguarding for Coaches and Activators
  • Safeguarding for Captains and Team Managers
  • Safeguarding for Umpires and Scorers
  • Safeguarding for Committee Members & Club Safeguarding Officers

Individuals in cricket are invited to complete the one-hour module, followed by the shorter module that best reflects their role. Individuals are welcome to complete all four bolt-on modules if they wish.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, and the new course aims to provide everyone in cricket with knowledge and advice to create a safe environment and respond appropriately to concerns.

Introduction to Safeguarding

This free course is available for everyone involved in cricket and anybody at your club or organisation can complete it online.

The training provides basic knowledge and advice in creating a safe cricket environment for everyone, recognising signs of abuse, what to do if you have any concerns or if you are approached by anyone with concerns that they may have. This training should take around 30 minutes to complete and is accessible on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

If anybody has any issues accessing the course, please email ECB e-Learning.

*Please note those who have already undertaken safeguarding training in their roles such as Coaches and Safeguarding Officers are not required to complete this course, although individuals may do so if they wish 


All organisations working with children have safeguarding responsibilities and clear requirements placed upon them by legislation.

This applies whether you are a club, league, panel or another organisation. Legislation exists to ensure safer recruitment practices are followed, including ECB DBS checks for those in regulated activity.


All Stars / Dynamos Children’s Activator




League Safeguarding Officer






All Stars / Dynamos Children’s Helper


Club Safeguarding Officer


Junior Supervisor


Strength / Conditioning Coach


Volunteer Coordinator


Assistant Coach


First Aider




Team Manager

Applying for an ECB DBS check is straightforward, and the process is now all online – there are no paper applications involved.

Please note, DBS certificates obtained through other sporting, education and other professional bodies are unable to be transferred.  Therefore, volunteers must complete an ECB DBS Application.

For volunteers the process is free and there is an option to enrol onto the Update Service which will mean that if an individual’s details do not change, they may never have to do another DBS application in cricket.

If you require an ECB DBS certificate, please contact your Club Safeguarding Officer in the first instance to request that your application is initiated. If they are unsure how to do this, the Theresa Ellison (see bottom of the page) can help them. Umpires and scorers may be able to contact their panel administrator.

Once your application is initiated, you will receive an email with easy-to-follow instructions to help you make your application. There is a helpdesk function within the system, but volunteers can also email – ECB Disclosures. When the DBS have concluded their checks, you will receive a paper copy of your certificate in the post.

FAQs can be found here.

Safe Hands Workshops & First Aid Courses

These courses require volunteers to attend face to face workshops.


First AidBAWAThursday, 2nd May6.30pm-10.00pm£40

Safeguarding for Specialist Roles

These courses are online e-learning modules.


Safeguarding For Coaches and Activatorse-LearningFreeBook
Safeguarding for Umpires and Scorerse-LearningFreeBook
Safeguarding for Committee Members & Club Safeguarding Officerse-LearningFreeBook
Safeguarding for Captains & Team Managerse-LearningFreeBook
Cricket Players (SVG)

Theresa Ellison / Administration Officer

Theresa’s role is to help and support others in the wider Gloucestershire Foundation team to ensure that the Foundation runs effectively and efficiently. Some of the key administrative areas are:

  • Helping to organise and set up the trials, winter nets programme and performance programme for the Girls and Boys Zonal squads
  • Keeping club contact details up to date including checking that each club’s Safeguarding Officer has valid qualifications and initiate and verify DBS applications for club volunteers
  • Administering online bookings including trials, winter nets programmes, Coach Development courses, holiday camps etc
  • Helping with many financial activities by creating invoices, payment of bills, chasing outstanding debtors etc
  • Help to create and run the office side of Coach Development

Theresa acts as the point of contact for many administrative parts of the Foundation.

Theresa Ellison / Administration Officer