Defibrillator Fund

Supporting clubs with life saving equipment.

What is the Defibrillator Fund?

We are working with The Club Cricket Charity and The Community Heartbeat Trust whose fantastic scheme makes obtaining a defibrillator possible for local cricket clubs.

Whilst our hope that clubs will never have to use the equipment, there is only a five-minute period before permanent or irreversible damage can occur.  With so little time to act, a defibrillator onsite can help mitigate an otherwise catastrophic situation.

The scheme offers cricket clubs the opportunity to purchase a heavily discounted Lifeline View Portable Defibrillator and Annual Support Package which includes, training, insurances, notification to local emergency services and post stress counselling.

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The Offer

The offer will provide cricket clubs with the supply of a portable AED unit at a cost of £200 under a Managed Solutions Contract, that is based on a 4-year lease agreement whereby your club will receive the unit, all insurances, training, local emergency service registration, and post stress counselling.

This is a saving of nearly £1500 from a comparable offer and it is available, subject to stocks, until 1st April 2023.

For the duration of the lease a member of the club must keep the Club Cricket Charity informed, via their internet Webnos system, that the unit is both still with the club and that the green light is illuminated. If you purchase an outside cabinet, this is automatic.

There are three scenarios to choose from:

  1. The unit on its own
  2. The unit and an interior wall rack
  3. The unit and an exterior wall cabinet

In all three cases the club is committing to a contract for replacement parts and batteries for the period of the lease.  The price for this is an annual commitment of £151.20 which you must pay with your order.  Clubs will be invoiced annually for the extra services, all of which are a compulsory part of the commitment.

In the case of option 3, there is an additional charge of £115.20 for the first annual instalment of the automatic monitoring maintenance contract.

For further information and to request an order form, please contact Donna Black at the Club Cricket Charity.

What if my club cannot afford a Defibrillator?

The National Asian Cricket Council (NACC) are one organisation that has made defibrillators an important part of their outreach and have facilitated the delivery of over 100 defibrillators to the South Asian cricketing community in England & Wales at no cost.

In addition, for current or new cricket club sponsors, it would be a tangible investment in a live-saving piece of equipment. It doesn’t get more community-minded than that.  The Community Heartbeat Trust also has advice and resources to help clubs to raise funds locally.

If your club would like a defibrillator but is struggling to cover the costs, please get in touch with Scott Tremain to seek further advice.

Cricket Players (SVG)

Scott Tremain / Club Development Manager

Scott, who hails from Devon, graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a Sports Coaching degree in 2013.  He initially joined the Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation in October 2014 as a Community Coach working in schools predominately in the North of the County before becoming Growth Development Officer in 2017.  At this time, he delivered on a number of ECB priority areas including the U19 T20 Competition and launched the highly successful Women’s Soft Ball Programme here in Gloucestershire.

Now in his exciting role as Club Development Manager, he is responsible for leading the team of club development staff and working closely with cricket clubs across the county to provide direct support with the aim of creating sustainable clubs for the future.  Furthermore, Scott leads youth competitions and the ECB Clubmark Accreditation and sits on a number of GCF Development Groups and Committees.

Scott is a big Plymouth Argyle fan and plays his cricket at Dumbleton where he volunteers as a committee member, supporting in a number of areas.

Scott Tremain / Club Development Manager