Reward Volunteers

Ensuring cricket clubs reward volunteers and show how much they are appreciated is so important and key to retaining their services.

Rewarding and showing your volunteers how much you appreciate them is so important.

Not only does it make them know how much you value their time, it also can be the influencing point that brings them back for the next season.

Rewards do not have to come at a cost to the club, and it is important to remember that it is often the little things that can make the biggest impact.

A fantastic way to ensure that volunteers are recognised in the way which is most meaningful to them is to have a conversation with them about how they would like to be thanked.

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Start recognising now...

During the months of May through September the Foundation are encouraging clubs to nominate any volunteers who are making an outstanding contribution ‘now’ to recreational cricket in Gloucestershire.

Those nominated will be in with a chance of becoming Gloucestershire’s Volunteer of the Month and in with the chance of winning a £100 Cote Brasserie Voucher.

The initiative provides clubs with a fantastic opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to key individuals who are making a significant difference in the club environment.

Volunteer of the Month
Grassroots Cricket Awards

The Cricket Collective Awards

The ECB Cricket Collective Awards aim to reflect the achievements and efforts of the cricket community in their work off the field and provide you with a fantastic opportunity to nominate and recognise the volunteers who make cricket possible.

We welcome nominations for volunteers from all areas of the game including clubs, leagues and communities.

Ways that you can reward volunteers at your club

  • Say ‘thank you’ – it is simple and effective, but often forgotten
  • Reduce membership for them or family members
  • Run a club event dedicated to recognising volunteers who are catered for by the club / at a reduced fee
  • Provide an item of clothing to show their affiliation to the club i.e. club t-shirt / hoodie
  • Acknowledgements in newsletters, on the club website and social media channels
  • Recognition from peers in the club / in the club’s committee minutes
  • Make it part of your culture to always thank your Volunteers, so they hear it from many groups of the club (e.g. players, coaches, umpires/scorers, club committee members)
  • Say thank you by supporting them to achieve higher qualifications in their area i.e. coaching courses
  • Write a letter of reference to support young volunteers with job searches / higher education or university applications
  • Produce a case study to showcase the fantastic work a specific volunteer across the season
  • Say thank you by presenting an award, a voucher to their favourite restaurant, tickets to professional cricket games etc.
  • Long service awards such as life member or Vice President
  • Nominate individuals for the Grassroots Cricket Awards or ECB Coach Awards

Gareth Dawson / Workforce Development Officer

Gareth joined the GCB in 2016 and progressed into his current role as Workforce Development Officer in 2021. His main roles are being the main point of contact for the ECB on all Coach Development matters and grow the number of active coaches across the County of Gloucestershire.

Additionally, he will support the Gloucestershire Association of Cricket Officials (GACO) in developing an Officials Strategy that aims to grow the number of officials across the game. Increase the number of courses that are available to potential officials and work with GACO to transition volunteers from ‘course takers’ to ‘standing officials’.

Support the Gloucestershire Grounds Association in developing a programme of activity that supports ground staff across each year. Coordinate and manage both national and local Reward and Recognition events for all groups of volunteers. On top of practical delivery in schools, he will work with teachers to enhance their cricket delivery and work with universities/colleges to provide opportunities for students to gain qualifications and coaching experience.

Gareth is a Liverpool FC fan, a big follower of cricket around the world and plays his cricket at Hatherley & Reddings.

Gareth Dawson / Workforce Development Officer