ECB release Environmental Sustainability Plan for Cricket

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have shared an Environmental Sustainability Plan for Cricket with the ambition of building a sustainable future for the game.

The plan maps out the next steps that ECB need to take in collaboration with the cricket network (Cricket Foundations, Clubs, Leagues and Associations), suppliers and partners to make our game more sustainable.  ECB are aiming to inspire everyone in recreational cricket to achieve their shared sustainability ambitions.

To help drive that goal the ECB has become the first cricket National Governing Body to sign up to the commitments of the UN Sport for Climate Action framework, which provides science-based targets for all of society.  Their most focused target under the UN Sport for Climate Action framework is to reduce emissions by half by 2030 (with a baseline year of 2022).

The ECB has invested more than £10million into tackling climate change for more than two decades, but accept that more is needed if there are to be assurances that flooding, drought, pollution and extreme heat don’t stop play.

While the Foundation shares the ECB’s ambition and acceptance that more can be done, we are proud of the progress we have made to support cricket clubs in Gloucestershire to be more environmentally sustainable.  Over the past three years, the Foundation has utilised the ECB County Grant Fund to invest in 20 cricket clubs, and has awarded £182,000 which has enabled climate conscious projects totalling £248,000 to be completed.  These projects include solar panels, electric mowers, efficient boiler and heating system projects, water efficient irrigation systems, and replacing old windows with more efficient double glazing.UES (LOGO)

Partners Unitary Engineering Services (UES) who are the complete Building Services provider have played an integral part in completing many projects for clubs.  Their specialist services consist of three divisions, including mechanical and electrical, but it is their renewable arm that has provided the greatest support to cricket clubs across Gloucestershire by installing and maintaining a wide range of efficient systems, including solar PV, boiler and heating and pressurised water.

Two notable projects that UES have delivered have been at Down Hatherley CC and Sherston Magna CC.  Their unique stories can inspire others in the cricketing community both in Gloucestershire, and further afield, of the action that can be taken to combat climate change.

  • Down Hatherley CC – Leading the Charge against Climate Change – Read Case Study
  • Lights on at Sherston Magna CC with UES PV System – Read Case Study

To cement the wonderful work that is going on across the county, UES have now signed a new 3-year deal with the Foundation, which sees them become the new Environmental Sustainability Partner, with direct links to the ambitions of the ECB’s plan.

GCF Club Development Manager, Scott Tremain explained…

“We welcome the ECB’s Environmental Sustainability Plan for Cricket and look forward to working hand in glove to build a sustainable future for cricket in Gloucestershire.

Over the past year particularly, we have seen a steep rise in the number of Gloucestershire clubs who are making climate conscious decisions to the way that they operate.  Clubs have been planting trees to sequester carbon and build habitats for local wildlife, are reducing

 plastic waste by using products with recyclable packaging and are opting to replace petrol machines with electric alternatives.  Furthermore, UES have been true professionals and their first class service and installation has supported clubs with energy saving projects all the way through from concept to completion.

We’re really excited to continue this support and for the climate conscious transformation cricket will make in the coming years.”

UES Strategic Partnerships Manager, Jake Hitchcock said…

“Installing energy-efficient solutions for cricket clubs in Gloucestershire remains a fulfilling and enriching experience. Collaborating with people with the same social and environmental objectives is exciting, and witnessing the positive impact on the neighbouring communities is truly rewarding. These solutions benefit the environment and enable the clubs to achieve significant long-term savings that they can invest in other areas of development. We are grateful for our strong partnership with Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation and we look forward to helping many more clubs on their sustainability journey.”

UES Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation Partner

Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation CEO Steve Silk is pictured with UES Managing Director Adam Griffiths.

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