Langford CC prepare for new pavilion with two-day teardown

Langford Cricket Club’s ambitious project to replace their beloved but ageing pavilion took significant strides forward, with a two-day blitz that saw incredible progress and a great deal of history uncovered.

Langford CC old pavilion being torn down

The dedicated team undertook the formidable task of clearing out the interior of the clubhouse, emptying out a trove of memories accumulated over 15 years. Everything was carefully removed, from furnishings to kitchen appliances, to changing room benches and showers. The pace was swift, with volunteers knocking down plasterboard and pulling out the old insulation.

Landford CC members removing plasterboard in old pavilion

“Much of the wood was found to be in excellent condition, hinting that the pavilion could have endured for another 20 years”, said Chair Tom Stevens in jest.  The rumour that it was originally erected in 1968 and had a previous life as a pavilion from the Carterton Bowls Club added a layer of local history to the project.  By the end of day one, most of the plasterboard had been cleared out, along with the cladding from the pavilion’s exterior, and a significant portion of the internal walls.

Old Langford CC pavilion stripped of walls inside

The next day was a race against time as the team aimed to fill all three skips positioned at the site, ensuring the old materials would be removed before phase 2 of the demolition next weekend.  The day’s achievements included the demolition of all internal walls, insulation removal, and a spectacular dismantling of the veranda (captured in a thrilling video). However, the real challenge came with the pavilion’s roof, which was covered in two inches of gravel that had to be meticulously cleared before the felt could be stripped away.

After hours of hard work, elation filled the air when the third skip was packed to the brim, signifying a major milestone in the demolition project. Volunteers and the demolition squad then kicked back and savoured a well-deserved beer, a fitting reward for their impressive efforts. The project, fuelled by the sweat and dedication of the team, has seen a total of 90 hours of labour invested so far, and there’s no doubt that many more will be required as they continue to make way for the new pavilion’s construction.

Keep an eye out as we will share more on the club’s progress in the coming weeks.

Landford CC demolition team

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