Using our partnerships to make a difference to disadvantaged children in Bristol

Cricket players make surprise visit to workshop for disadvantaged young people in Bristol.

Last week, a couple of players from Gloucestershire Women’s Cricket Team made a surprise visit to a summer holiday workshop set up for disadvantaged children. The workshop, which is run by Unique Voice, provides free out of school creative sessions for Bristol’s most disadvantaged young people.

Mollie Robbins and Sidra Khan from Gloucestershire Women’s Cricket Team showed up during the final day of the 4-day workshop, providing delight and excitement all-round! They encouraged the children to come out of their shell and support one another through a series of physical games, races, and activities. These were such a huge hit that the plans for the afternoon were re-arranged so the children could continue playing, so as not to interrupt the fun!

“It was such a pleasure to see the children enjoying themselves so much while outdoors and working as a team” the Unique Voice organiser said.

Mollie and Sid shared their stories as the children asked questions about their journey into sports, acting as inspiring role models for the children at Unique Voice.

The surprise visit was a result of Astra Security bringing together two of their partnerships to really make a difference. The Gloucestershire Women’s Team has been supported by Astra for over 2 years and have a strong association with Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Whilst, Unique Voice, a Bristol based organisation set up to help change the lives of disadvantaged young people have been supported by the Security Company for over 5 years.

Krystal Keeley, Director at Unique Voice said

“Today’s been amazing, having Mollie and Sid here has been such a surprise to the children. The players like Mollie and Sid are great role models and provide such inspiration to the children who are from some of the most deprived areas of the city.” She went on to say “It’s great that Astra Security has been able to use their partnerships in a creative way, making such a positive difference. I’d like to say a big thank you to them for making it happen, and a big thank you also to the Gloucestershire Cricket Board.”

Paul Beet, Managing Director from Astra Security said

“Supporting local communities is an important part of the Company ethos, and by bringing together the partnerships in this way makes perfect sense. It’s something that we should continue to do more of in the future.”

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