Wicketz Cross Country Challenge

Throughout April, a number of our Wicketz development officers and Lord’s Taverners staff will be taking part in a challenge to raise funds for our Lord’s Taverners Wicketz programme.

Wicketz is a community cricket programme targeting young people aged 8-19 in areas of deprivation. We use cricket as a tool to engage young people with a weekly community hub, and use those sessions not only for sport, but to deliver important messages and education around things that negatively affect young people and their communities.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone, but in particular our participants who have had this free weekly provision taken away for the last year. This is why our team have decided to take on the challenge of running/cycling/swimming/walking the distance between our most southerly and most northerly Wicketz projects, Plymouth to Glasgow and back over the course of April. We have rounded this up to make it 1,000 miles!

Bristol Wicketz Development Officer Sam said,

This is an exciting challenge for us and an opportunity to help sustain our projects and secure the future of the programme. We wanted this to be a meaningful challenge that relied on all 14 Wicketz Development Officers and staff to raise funds by completing the 1000 mile round trip from Plymouth to Glasgow together.

The Wicketz programme, which provides free sport for young people to have fun, learn new life skills and increase their independence, has seen a number of weekly sessions and events cancelled over the past year. The significant impact that Covid-19 has had on the lives of young people, has meant they have gone without regular sport and opportunities to see their friends, having lost social interaction and health and fitness provision which has affected their wellbeing,

If you can, please support this cause by donating and sharing – it really will make a meaningful difference.

Please support everyone taking part in this challenge and help to make a difference to young disadvantaged people in the UK, as we look to re-engage and rebuild communities throughout 2021.

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