Recruit Volunteers

Find the right people to make cricket happen at your club.

Why is recruiting volunteers important?

Without volunteers there would be…

  • No club committee members to run or develop your club
  • No coaches for your teams
  • No managers to help
  • No one to fundraise
  • No umpires or scorers
  • No help with keeping the grounds and club in working order
  • No one to help with cricket teas or bar
  • Club websites and social media would lay dormant
Will Bathurst Volunteers Week 2022

Volunteers put their hand up because...

  • They want to see others succeed in cricket, a sport they are passionate about
  • They want to give back to their club to help and support it to grow which is satisfying
  • It’s a chance to upskill and acquire further knowledge which is a rewarding experience
  • Seeing people do well in their sport creates a positive impact on the community
  • They want to be able to help out their children, relatives or friends
  • It’s an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life
  • They want to show their appreciation for the work that has been done for them
  • Develop transferrable skills to enhance their CV
  • Try something new and meet new people
  • They want to use their professional skills to benefit the club

Key things to consider when recruiting volunteers

  • What is your club going to do for your volunteers?
  • What will individuals get out of Volunteering for your club?
  • How much time will the role entail per week?
  • What is the ‘specific’ job you would like the individual to do at your club?

It is really important that with any role you’re asking an individual to take on, that you’re very specific as to what it involves.

Razi Ahmed Volunteers Week 2022

What is it that your club can offer volunteers?

  • The chance to support and make a difference at your club
  • The opportunity to be a positive role model
  • Enhance their confidence – leading a group, working with different people etc.
  • The opportunity to lead / manage groups of people
  • The chance to up skill and develop young people
  • Personal Development

What will your club do for it's volunteers?

  • Provide a mentor or co-ordinate a buddy system to work with individuals throughout the season
  • Induction process
  • Pay for courses – i.e. Coach Development, Safe Hands, First Aid, Ground Keeper Courses etc.
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Regularly acknowledge their contribution
  • Chance to be nominate for County and National awards
Ellen Mutch Volunteers Week 2022

What could individuals get out of volunteering at your club?

  • Satisfaction of seeing others or the club achieve their / its potential
  • Opportunity to influence change at the cricket club
  • Reduced membership cost for individuals or family members
  • An item of clothing to show their affiliation to / role within the organisation e.g. Jacket, T-shirt
  • Recognition by though Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation / ECB Volunteer Awards
  • An award named after them at the end of year prize giving
  • A gift that they will enjoy i.e. a voucher
  • Acknowledgements in club the newsletters

What is the time commitment?

  • Is it important that they club is up front and makes it clear how much time people will be giving up (e.g. 3–4 hours per week)
  • If they say it is too much time to give up encourage 2 people to job share the role

The time commitment can only be accurate if the club has specifically identified the job that they wish the individual to do.

Sue Drinkwater Volunteers Week 2022

Ideas to help clubs recruit volunteers

  • Advertise positions your club needs help with – remember to include the time commitment
  • Approach people when they come to your club – you’ll be surprised how many are willing to help if you ask.
  • On membership forms, ask if they would be willing to help and support for 3 hours per week.  Also ask for parental profession – it is always helpful to know what skills you have within your club, especially when something unexpected occurs.
  • Ask a club member to ask a friend
  • Promote opportunities in your local community newsletter and / or Facebook Group
  • Target Higher Education / University students looking for experience to put on their CV in your local area.
  • Advertise on your social media accounts

Gareth Dawson / Workforce Development Officer

Gareth joined the GCB in 2016 and progressed into his current role as Workforce Development Officer in 2021. His main roles are being the main point of contact for the ECB on all Coach Development matters and grow the number of active coaches across the County of Gloucestershire.

Additionally, he will support the Gloucestershire Association of Cricket Officials (GACO) in developing an Officials Strategy that aims to grow the number of officials across the game. Increase the number of courses that are available to potential officials and work with GACO to transition volunteers from ‘course takers’ to ‘standing officials’.

Support the Gloucestershire Grounds Association in developing a programme of activity that supports ground staff across each year. Coordinate and manage both national and local Reward and Recognition events for all groups of volunteers. On top of practical delivery in schools, he will work with teachers to enhance their cricket delivery and work with universities/colleges to provide opportunities for students to gain qualifications and coaching experience.

Gareth is a Liverpool FC fan, a big follower of cricket around the world and plays his cricket at Hatherley & Reddings.

Gareth Dawson / Workforce Development Officer